On the move. Again

Since I first wrote this post, we have been moving again and again for a while. It can get confusing, but hopefully you get an idea of our semi-nomadic life.

Back in October 2014, Mrs FOMOist and I left our stable jobs, put our house on rent, bid our families goodbye and decided that we wanted to live on the other side of the planet so we can fill our passports with numerous stamps, eat pasta and drink coffee in Italy, drink wine and champagne in France and pretend to be worldly wankers when we get back home.

Our tickets to Australia are booked, bags are packed, cleaners are scrubbing our tiny flat and we move out tomorrow.

UPDATE: So, we moved to Australia in December 2016, spent Christmas with family and moved back to London in January 2017. Oh and then moved back to Brisbane in October 2019. Why do we keep doing it to ourselves? Because we are FOMOists and life’s too short not to be crazy!

Even though it seems like the end, it is only the beginning of yet another adventure. Our final departure from London is not until mid-July. Enroute we are headed to Dublin this weekend and Granada (Spain) the next.

But wait there’s more. Once we depart London for good, we’ll be traveling for 4 months, making our way around Italy, France, Central and South America and Asia with a hand-luggage each.

Looking at the bare walls and smell of bleach in the flat we called home make me sad. However, continuing our little adventure together makes me giddy with excitement.

Bizarrely enough there have been minor breakdowns and silent tears fearing the unknown waiting for us at home, but we’re ready for it!

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