Look mum, I am on my way to world domination!

My mum always told me that I am the most beautiful boy she’s ever laid eyes on and that I am meant for bigger and better things. There is someone else who [almost] shares the same sentiment and has nominated me for my very first Blogger Recognition Award. A huge thanks to Cath and Ian of Possess the World who have kindly nominated me for this amazing award.


The Blogger’s Recognition Award, is a peer-recognition award where your followers, peers or other great minds recognise your hard-work and want to shine a light on it.


It means that there is a niche (very small) group of people who actually love my work and want to see it in big flash lights. As mentioned above, one of those great minds are from Possess the World – thanks again, the cheque is in a mail hahaha.


The nominated Blogger must:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated them and provide a link to their blog – TICK! But in case anyone missed it, the lovely Cath and Ian from Possess the World nominated me and I’ll be forever grateful
  • Write a post to show the award – This is it – stay with me here!
  • Give a brief story of how the blog started – As below, I promise not to bore you too much
  • Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers – I feel very under-qualified for this, but hey!
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award – Gawd, the pressure! So much good content, so little space
  • Comment on each blog and let them know they have been nominated for the award, include a link to the nomination blog – Hope you’re still here


Mrs and Mr FOMOist
Mrs and Mr FOMOist

For those of you who know me personally would know that I have a passion for two things:

  1. Travel
  2. Blabbering on about my travels (the blabbering is not limited to travel by the way)

In an attempt to not lose all my friends from oversharing, I decided that I would use the World-Wide-Web to share my brain-farts. This blog is designed as a personal diary for Mrs FOMOist and I. When we grow old and our grandchildren think they are hot-shit, I want to pull out this little gem and show them how cool we once were.

Since I work in Marketing, I started sharing it on different (private) platforms and since then have discovered other great storytellers. I love to talk (and write) and this provides me with a great platform to share all my passions with like-minded people like you hotties.


As mentioned above, I feel so under-qualified to provide any advice that it is shameful that I am even going to attempt it, but here goes:

  1. Bring it all – I write exactly how I talk and this is what I think makes my blog unique. I have friends and family tell me that when they are reading my blog, they can hear me talk to them. I just love that the written words have that power.
  2. Learn and recognise your Peers – Life is a continual learning process. I have learnt so much in the last couple of years of writing this blog that has helped me in my blogger, personal and professional life. In terms of recognition, we all read content that either makes us feel something. Every now and again, it is important to share the joy with others, which nicely leads me to the list below….


  • This Lady in her 60s of Aging Gracefully My Ass. This is the very first blog I followed and I am still hooked.
  • Max Gor of Raw Streets. His pictures compels you to see the ordinary through extraordinary lens.
  • Monica Mills of Monica Mills. Her delectable recipes (and pictures) are hard to resist.
  • Nandita and Raga of SendingPostcardsHome. Love their little adventures around the globe.
  • Arielle of The Little Dismaid. The Disney twist to travel stories talks to the child in me.
  • Mel and Suan of Traveling Matters to us. Love the way they are on a mission to leave their footprints around the world.
  • That guy of Are we there yet. Love this guy’s passion for the world.
  • Maciek of Nareszcie urlop. I sometimes struggle to write in one language and this guy manages to write in English and Polish!
  • Milly of brokelondon. It’s a quick witted and relate-able blog about living (and surviving) in the big smoke
  • Ayaan and Safiyya of theXpats. They are hands down my favourite expats in the whole wide world. Their love for their city is infectious.
  • Zoe of The Blonde Blog. In addition to her beautiful writing, she takes the prettiest pictures.
  • Philip of Zen Travellers. The pictures from his blogs brings me the daily dose of zen.
  • Rose of Travel, Tea and Me. She has the most beautiful smile and her blog is full of happy travel vibes. Plus, who doesn’t like tea?
  • Ryan of Our Little Blue Rock. This guy helps me live the adventures vicariously through his blog.
  • Hanna of ReachingHot. I haven’t been to Helsinki yet, but I cannot wait after reading about it on her blog.

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy reading my top picks above.


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