7 – 2 – 1 and #Londonlife

The title of the post sounds a bit like a cryptic message, but is just a quick reference to our journey together:

7 – The number of years Mrs FOMOist and I have been together

2 – The number of years since this happened

1 – The number of times we’ve celebrated our above union in Londontown, last year we went to Venice!

As some of you may know, our time in London is shortly coming to an end as we plan our homeward bound voyage in the lead-up to settling down, which means we’ll go back home, pretend to be adults, reproduce and get fat!

But before any of it happens, I want to make a quick list of all the things that we have enjoyed in London in the last few months, starting with yesterday.

  • The day marked 2 years of our wedding day. I have been annoyingly pointing out that since it is a leap year, technically our wedding anniversary was on the 29 Feb, but hey, let’s not get technical. So we went to work and met up to watch this amazing play called – The Maids. The reason we chose this play is because of @UzoAduba famed for her role as “Crazy Eyes” in one of our favourite series called Orange Is The New Black. The play revolves around two maids, fanticising about killing their Mistress. As we had expected, our Crazy Eyes was ferociously spell-binding, but the best surprise was the intensity of the play. We knew about the storyline, knew where it was going, but it was edge-of-the-seat intense performance by the cast of three that made for a memorable night.
  • I recently finished reading a book called The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. Rather than giving a full book review, I would like to say that I am glad that I picked this gem up from one of the charity second-hand book sales. I finished the book on the tube to work, holding back the rush of emotions, and feeling even more determined to not let life just happen to me. The book in a few words – emotionally charged adolescence, thoughts of partnership and parenthood and retrospect.
  • Talking about retrospect, we recently went to a drag show called Denim. Being in London and equipped with the knowledge acquired through Rupaul’s Drag Race, I expected a very polished and slick affair, however what we saw was a bit rough around the edges performance with amazingly strong vocal performances from the cast. The reason I mention retrospect here is because the show was a lot funnier in retrospect than while we were watching it.
  • Finally, just so we remember, bar called Nightjar has amazing cocktails, super friendly staff in a tastefully decorated setting but make sure you have a booking.
  • 68 and Below has all wine bottles at £20 so your only worry will be your liver and not your wallet.
  • Bubbledogs, where the champagne list is longer than your arm and the caviar has been replaced with hot dogs – what a concept!

I know I should have mentioned it at the start (but then I wouldn’t have tricked you into reading the entire thing) but the purpose of this post is mainly to remind me (in my elder years) of how I felt after being married to Mrs FOMOist for two years and the below sums it up nicely. Thanks for reading!

Crazy Quote


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