London Pop Ups – My chance at stardom! | The FOMOists

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name shine in the bright lights of tinsel town? Well I have, so when I got approached by Love Pop Ups London to sign my Tuesday night away for a chance at stardom, I grabbed my [virtual] pen and signed the [proverbial] dotted line.

London Pop Ups Team that made a short film - The FOMOistsThe game event called Lights, Camera, Action is organised by a group called A Door in A Wall, who are famous for creating immersive experiences for people who like to be more than just a spectator. The event was organised at one of the Grade II listed building housing a pub, cinema and cultural centre called Mirth, Marvel and Maud.

The excitement gets palpable

So, what did the game actually involve, I hear you ask? The email outlined we will be in a group of six, tasked to make three short films in four and a half hours, starting at 18.00 on a Tuesday evening.

I was still very excited about it and even roped in Mrs FOMOist and a friend from work to join our group (safety in numbers). For those of you that have the misfortune of knowing me personally know that the size of my comfort zone is bigger than Mother Earth. So, when I say this event pushed me out of my comfort zone, I am still trying to decipher whether it is a positive or a negative.

As we arrived at the venue, there was not really any signs for the event taking place. There was a ticket booth on the left, where the guy saw the bewilderment on our faces and knew we were there for Lights, Camera, Action.

Logistics of this [very London] Pop Up

After getting united with our Love Pop Ups London group, we wasted no time and got stuck in. Due to the complexity of the task at hand, we really had to GET STUCK IN. The way the game worked is:

  1. You choose a genre
  2. Collect your script and studio time slot from the ticket booth
  3. Spot the incognito actors to solve some clues for extra points
  4. And then, film your master-piece!

As I read the above, it still sounds great, but it really wasn’t due to the following reasons:

  • The event kicks off at 18.00. I got there straight after work and was starving, but had no time to eat. I still managed to down a pint in the process though, but I digress.
  • We got there 45 minutes late so had to hit the ground running.
  • I was expecting us all to play a different part. Like managing lighting, filming with a camera, directing, writing a script and acting. However, it became very clear that the only role we had to play was act.
  • But, before you could act, the team had to solve these clues, by spotting and talking to these incognito actors. This part I hated the most.
  • The winners of the game (not us) were to be announced at an award ceremony. I am told that it started at 22.30, by which time I was already half-way home.

Lights, Camera, Action is a great concept. I have been part of a similar event back in New Zealand, which really was an experience of a lifetime. When we went, this event was still in its preview stages. I am hoping it has now been perfected, but when I went, it was a no from me.


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